The Flu and Red Wine

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January 30, 2018

The news media has brought to our attention, the seriousness of the flu H3N2,strain that is having ill effects and resulting in multiple deaths, which has already taken at least 70 lives here in the season. Why this seems to be more dramatic, as it is apparent that this new strain of flu has become widespread in great numbers. It is virtually impossible to cover the strains that might break out. Vaccines are created by some consensus as to the strains predicted to break out. for each flu season. There is actually is no way to predict the exact outcome.


The outbreak this year has become much worse than in past years, in fact greater than the last 10 years. There has been another strain that has been making itself present and is piling up the numbers in the hospital with fatalities as well. This virus is only been diagnosed just recently. Unless certain diagnostics are performed, it is totally missed completely, and death is almost inevitable.

Why I am sharing this, we are seeing firsthand strains of flu which are either have mutated or strangely adapted to prescribed antibiotics but have also found ways to also survive from one season to the next.

This latest strain, H3N2, there are some experts are expecting this year’s flu vaccine to be only 10% effective against this strain, there’s a good chance these numbers will multiply quickly, especially in the elderly.

Good News is…

Fortunately, leading scientists have discovered a way to protect yourself and your family from this lethal threat without taking shots or drugs. Though I do not find this indulgence satisfactory to my health, allergic to alcohol, red wine has stepped up to the plate.

Yes it may be one of your favorite indulgences. I’m talking about red wine. For those who may not know this it’s helpful against the flu because it contains a compound called resveratrol. Scientists have found that this incredible nutrient can actually block the growth of the flu virus — virtually stopping the infection before it has a chance to start.

Researchers from the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco

They have now found that a certain protein, called SIRT1, can help strengthen your immune system. It does this by rejuvenating special cell parts that make your immune cells stronger and prompts them to work harder. As we grow older, it becomes harder and harder for our body to trigger the SIRT1 protein, leading to problems with our immune system. This allows us to be more prone to illnesses.

The Red Wine Solution

Your SIRT1 is activated by resveratrol which is found in red wine, which in turn can make your immune cells perform like they are younger — increasing your protection against viruses like the flu.

I am not advocating the drinking a daily glass of red wine, you’re also getting a daily dose of this incredible, immune-boosting compound, too. If red wine isn’t your thing which I know it is not for a lot of people, resveratrol comes in a supplement form from your local pharmacy or online retailer. It is no matter, regarding your preference, be sure to consider the option of taking resveratrol ASAP — it could help you beat the flu.

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I am looking forward to comments on the new site…it is the same one with a new-look. The flu this year is touching a lot of lives. This option or perhaps remedy has been touched upon many times but the research has come to prove the benefits of red wine comes through again. If you are not a red wine lover resveratrol, it does come in a supplementary form.


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