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January 18th, 2018

Today, this article is just to inform you, yes I have been away for a while. A year ago went through a series of changes in my and my family’s life. This was due to health issues, perhaps why I write on health matters. I was infected by a respiratory virus that was not totally given a name but was very serious, leaving me totally incapable of doing anything. I am absolutely sure though what ever it was, I do not wish that on anyone. Upon top of that, my wife is a Diabetic due to being a Kidney Transplant patient. Last year the kidney started failing and had to go back on Dialysis. With thought process, ended with the amputation of both big toes. So with that in mind, there will be several articles forth coming regarding those health issues.

It is good to be back

I look forward to writing many articles, regarding new health issues as well as updating some articles from the past. Look forward to reconnecting to my followers and friends.

Besides the New Look

The site will provide you with new studies being done in particular health issues such Kidney Transplants, Heart issues, some new developments in Cancer Research, and of course dietary issues.

The site for the first time not only will provide documentation of the research as it has in the past, but provide useful links of sites for more comprehensive reading. I think this might be very useful, since I have to do the research anyway, why not pass it along.

Todays Comments

This heading has always been a part of Todayshealthsite .com and will continue to do so. My comment here was to get this info out to you as quickly as possible. Welcome the comments as you have always, and watch the new reconstruction of this site.


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